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We are a company that directly imports exotic hardwood flooring and  other flooring products and sells through a network of distributors.  Our large stock of materials makes it convenient for your immediate needs.  Container and special order service is also available. 

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We strive for customer satisfaction through maintaining the highest quality and newest unique products at very competitive prices.

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ISO14001, & ISO14025. 

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Hardwood flooring provides the natural warmth and timeless beauty to your home, as well as an increase in it's value. With simple sweeping or vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning, hardwood flooring will last a lifetime.

Because wood is a natural product, some variation in color and grain pattern is to be expected. Exotic woods are more sensitive to sunlight and indoor UV light making it possible for significant changes in color.  Because exotic woods generally come from tropical areas, the moisture content is higher, and therefore susceptible to slight movement and even cracking.   Always make sure your hardwood floors are protected from moisture and heavy wear that can create scratches.

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We also arrange container sales for any of our products at very low prices.  We can do mixed products for a container or partial container sales depending on your quantity needs. Please see our supplies page for more details.

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